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Welcome to CP Foods Specialty Market

A DIVISION OF CP FOODS (formerly Cortland Produce).

about cpcc

We've been a family owned and operated business since 1929. We're hard working and obsessive about quality service and value-driven products.  

We created the store to give customers the same top quality restaurant food that chefs buy while providing unique shopping experience.  Our customers are varied and passionate. We service chefs, small business owners, clubs, caterers and all families. We stock a full line a produce, meats, dairy, groceries and non foods.

Many of our products cater to foodservice which means high quality and large pack sizes. Products that are unique and can't be bought at traditional grocery stores.

Shop with us today as we're always staying up with culinary trends and are eager to help you find the perfect food. If you've got a question about food, we can answer it. We know quality. We know value. We know food.

Also, check out our Butcher Department. It's managed by seasoned chefs who interact with our customers about cuts of meat and recipes. They also consult on catering and party preparation. WE LOVE OFFERING RESTAURANT QUALITY FOOD FOR YOUR HOME

It is always rewarding helping people in their success whether is' a large catering job or developing one recipe. We proud to be part of the community. Come shop with us today. We'll be waiting.