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Produce Market Alerts:  as of October 25, 2023

Apples- New crops are now being packed in for most Apples varieties. The quality and supply are excellent.There are good supplies of foodservice size galas, Fujis, and Reds. Golds are nearing the end of the storage crop. The supply of Granny Smiths remains low.

Asparagus – Mexican asparagus continues to transition and work through uncertainty. As asparagus is being harvested in southern Baja and now in Sonora, this shouldn't affect things too much, but some rain may accelerate production. Constitucion is now finishing for the year, but some fields are just now opening and will go until late December or early January, depending on the weather. Sonora also has some smaller productions in areas like Hermosillo and Sonoyta, in addition to the Baja transitions. Sonora growing areas can usually last until mid-December or until the weather gets too cold. Peruvian production remains concentrated in the south until late November or early December. Warmer weather could challenge quality and production, but growers are monitoring this closely at the field and packinghouse level. Spreading and seeding are major concerns. Volume from Peru continues to decline. As we approach Thanksgiving, expect the market to remain steady.

Avocados –The Q4 contracts are now active, with no triggers. Flora Loca crop is nearly finished, and Adventajada crop is creeping in. With a higher percentage of #2 grade fruit available in Adventajada crop, all sizes will be more readily available.

Bell Peppers – With the coastal season ending, California's produce volume is decreasing. Expect green peppers from Nogales and Coachella in 3-4 weeks. Production in South Georgia is adequate, but should pick up this week.

Berries (Blackberries) – California's product supply is diminishing due to cooler weather and late plant cycles. There is very limited fruit available for transfer into U.S. loading locations. As a result of Hurricane Norma, adverse weather has hampered quality and availability.

Berries (Blueberries) – Peru and Central Mexico still have very limited availability. Peruvian fruit has been available in very small quantities at the ports. There is still an AOG situation for shippers.

Berries (Raspberries) – Good numbers are available crossing in from Baja California and Central Mexico. Promotable volume is readily available. Fruit is beginning to cross into Laredo and McAllen Texas FOB from Central Mexico.

Berries (Strawberries) – Mexican fruit is beginning to cross into Texas, marking the beginning of the season. November will see a steady increase in numbers. Salinas / Watsonville's growing season is nearing its end. Shippers are declaring the first week of November as their transition date to Santa Maria and Oxnard.

Broccoli – The broccoli supply continues to be good. Quality and yields continue to improve. As we approach the weekend, expect this market to remain steady and supplies to remain good.

Brussels Sprouts –Brussels sprout supplies are slowly improving. Sizing and production are improving in Salinas and Oxnard. As we move into next week, expect this market to continue to decline.

Carrots – As a result of the lack of size in Mexico, Texas, and Canada, the market for Jumbos is steady at a slightly higher level. Shippers are keeping an eye on averages.

Cauliflower – The cauliflower supply is improving daily. Fields have been brought forward by recent warm weather, resulting in better supplies. It is expected that the market will remain steady with good supplies over the weekend.

Celery – To start the week, there is a good amount of supply with this commodity due to steady supplies and slow business. The large size continues to have the best availability, but all sizes are available to meet demand. In southern California, production is heavy, while in Salinas, it is light. As last week, there is a gap in pricing, so please be aware. Shippers are flexing. Throughout the week, you can expect steady availability.

Citrus (Lemons) – As District 2 nears the end of its season, markets remain elevated across the board. Lemons are tight across the board. District 3 (California desert/Arizona) has begun in a light way.

Citrus (Limes)– Limes remain steady at elevated levels. Large fruit continues to be limited with a big price spread on small fruit. Yields continue to be affected by quality. Over the next few weeks, markets are expected to remain relatively steady.

Citrus (Oranges) - As school demand is in full swing, markets remain strong. The price of 113ct and 138ct will remain elevated through the remainder of the Valencia season. The peak sizes are 72ct and 88ct. It is expected that domestic Navels will begin shipping the week of October 30. Due to the increased temperatures in the growing region, soft fruit/pack pressure and stem-end aging are other quality issues at play.

Cucumbers – Volume and quality are good, promotable volume is available.

Eggplant – There is a limited supply of goods on the market, making conditions favorable. With a new Coachella crop expected in November, the overall product quality is excellent. With fancy and choice grades available in Georgia, the overall product quality is excellent.

Garlic - Throughout the week, California's production is expected to remain steady. Quality has been reported to be good.

Grapes (Green) – The recovery from the tropical storm is going well. It is expected that most shippers will have supplies until the middle of November. Between the end of the domestic crop and the start of the Peruvian import season, there may be a short gap in November. The grape market has leveled off in price as the industry continues to harvest the remaining crop. For the remainder of the domestic season, the market will remain tight and high.

Grapes (Red) – The recovery from the tropical storm is going well. It is expected that most shippers will have supplies until the middle of November. Between the end of the domestic crop and the start of the Peruvian import season, there may be a short gap in November. The grape market has leveled off in price as the industry continues to harvest the remaining crop. For the remainder of the domestic season, the market will remain tight and high.

Green Onions – The supply of green onions is improving and the market is slowing down. As the week progresses, the market will remain steady with good supplies.

Kale – Due to the recent warmer weather, kale supplies are looking good. Now is an opportunity to promote kale. The market is expected to remain steady, and the quality is good.

Lettuce (Iceberg) – There is production out of Salinas, Huron, and Santa Maria with this commodity. Due to the soft market, some suppliers are flexing on volume-type orders, so please be aware. There is a gap in pricing and demand overall is off. Production in Huron has been good with weights averaging 41-44 pounds. The majority of shippers expect moderate to good availability throughout the week. Huron produces better quality.

Lettuce Leaf – For romaine, green, and red leaves, there is a lack of demand and strong availability to begin the week. It is expected that supplies will remain steady throughout the week. The production out of Huron has been excellent. Salinas and Huron will also have good supplies. The production of Romaine hearts has been good for the entire week. Shippers are flexing so promote as much as possible. All growing regions continue to have above-average quality.

Lettuce Tender Leaf – Spring mix, tender greens, and spinach supplies are steady due to the recent and current warmer days and cooler nights. Look for these items to remain steady going into the weekend.

Melons (Cantaloupe) – As a result of the sizing and yield produced by the fields, Yuma cantaloupes are oversold. The external quality has been good, and the internal Brix has ranged from 11-14%. There are smaller cantaloupe sizes available. There is a high demand for 9s, but supplies are limited.

Melons (Honeydew) – Honeydews are light out of the Arizona desert but are becoming more available in Nogales. The Brix level ranges between 10-13%. Honeydews are shipped primarily from Arizona, with some fruit available in Northern California. Before the product is fully transitioned to Arizona, this is the last week of honeydew in California.

Melons (Watermelon) – This is the last week of California watermelons, and Arizona watermelons are increasing in supply. The quality of the new fruit has good color and sugar.

Mushrooms - There is a strain on available supplies due to Thanksgiving demand.

Onions – The Northwest has excellent supplies, availability, and quality loading.

Pears - Anjous, Bosc, and Bartletts are now being packed in Washington. The mountain district Bartletts are being packed by California pear shippers. Currently, Bartletts, Boscs, and Red Pears are all being shipped.

Pineapples – As a result of continued storms in the tropics and delays at the port of Caldera, pineapple supplies remain scarce. Usually, supply is tight during this time of year, but with excess storms, product is extremely limited. All sizes are affected. This is expected to last over the next 2 weeks.

Potatoes – Availability and supplies are excellent across all regions. Idaho peaks on 80 CT.

Squash – Volume and quality are good, and there is a good amount of Yellow and Italian Squash available for promotional prices. The volume and quality of Georgia squash are good, and the volume is promotable.

Stone Fruit – Peaches are done with only final count inventories on a few pallets of large fruit left. The few small inventories will be cleaned up this week. The plum market is mostly steady, with more reds than blacks available. There will be plums until November. Pluots are nearly done with only a couple of shippers still going. Asian pears will be available through December. The nectarine season is over. Domestic Kiwis have started.

Tomatoes – In most regions of Baja California, markets remain firm with light volume. Hurricane Oits impacts are being monitored. There were still two weeks left for California. In most regions, markets remain firm with light volumes. The Ruskin/Palmetto regions are expected to start receiving volumes by early November.


Arizona - Expect highs in the upper 70s-mid 80s Tuesday, followed by slightly cooler conditions Wed-Fri.

California - Morning lows will be in the low 40s to mid-50s, while daytime highs will be in the mid-to-upper 60s near the coast, mid-to-upper 70s in Santa Clara Valley, and mid-70s to mid-80s in southern Salinas Valley.

Florida - Over the weekend, temperatures should remain seasonal. Most of Northern FL will experience highs in the low-mid 80s with lows in the low-mid 60s. Most of Central Florida is experiencing high temperatures in the low-upper 80s with morning temperatures in the mid-60s to mid-70s.

Mexico - Temperatures will remain seasonably warm into the weekend. Through Saturday morning, the maximum temperatures will be in the low 70s to low 80s with morning temperatures cooling into the upper 40s to upper 50s


Winter weather returns to the northwest, affecting travel and causing delays on Interstate 80. Shipper shortages cause delays, and multi-region loading may be needed.